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American flag flying above american fabrication facility

American Advantage

No one needs of repeat of 2020 by getting caught without localized supply chain partners. 

The local advantage

Data Metalcraft prides itself on our Made in America manufacturing. Headquartered in the industrial community of Arlington, Minnesota, 45-minutes south-west of the Twin-Cities, Data Metalcraft is proud to employ local craftsmen, designers, and industry experts. Data Metalcraft has recently invested in the revitalization of industrial communities abandoned by offshoring practices. We are proud to support these essential American communities with increased wages, fair labor practices, and community involvement activities.

The events of the last decade have emphasized the importance of nationalized and localized supply chains. While globalized supply chains have been repeatedly halted due to health concerns, political instability, unethical labor practices, and economic crisis, Data Metalcraft has continued to proudly, effectively, and safely serve our customers’ needs.

Don't just take our word for it

Industry Trends

75% of companies are planning to accelerate their reshoring initiatives.


Increasing labor, tariff, and logistics costs in low-cost manufacturing regions makes US manufacturing locations much more cost attractive to native companies.


About 55% of Americans hold the belief that products created outside of America are of decreased quality.

Global Dynamics

Localization mitigates the issues of global dynamics. Make your supply chain resilient to trade dynamics, tariff increases, and international economic performance by partnering with local suppliers of shared governance to increase supply chain resilience and responsiveness.

Local Value

Globalized supply chains with a lack of geographical proximity and time zone alignment leads to significantly longer lead times and decreased service delivery. Outsourced partners also reduce the customization and responsiveness to product change needs. In many regions, intellectual property (IP) protection and unskilled workforces pose great concern to product and company security.

Brand Awareness

Reshoring and localization support a customers’ perception of a brand and its purpose. Approximately, 65% of global customers (including both consumers and industrial buyers) said they would prefer products made in their country.

Ethics, Sustainability & Governance

Offshoring increases the challenge of meeting ESG goals through uncontrollable risks of natural resource depletion, human rights abuses, and corruption. Additionally, the United States has moved to require ESG disclosures, adding increased cost and risk associated with offshore suppliers.

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