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Industrial Products

Industrial solutions to transform your business with cost effectiveness, industrial engineering, and design for manufacturing prioritized.

 Manufactured for your needs

Your complex industrial products require the flexibility and support that Data Metalcraft’s expertise can provide. As a trusted industrials partner of multiple Fortune 500 companies, Data Metalcraft was created 45+ years ago with an emphasis on industrial product manufacturing. This expertise supports your projects through the manufacturing process, material treatments, and assembly process. 

Do not allow your industrial products to have a complex cost structure. Data Metalcraft’s design for engineering specialty supports our customers by translating your complex products into manufacturing solutions. Our sourcing and design emphasis facilitates cost reduction conversations. With specialized assembly zones, your industrial projects will be assembled and tested with a priority on customization, efficiency, and cost effectiveness.

Motion Control Products
Industrial Machinery
Kiosks & Enclosures
Material Handling Solutions
Heating & Cooling Equipment
Industrial Efficiency Tools
Frame Weldments
Automation Equipment
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Enhanced by

Precision Fabrication

We employee the best in class equipment to precision fabricate your parts with an emphasis on efficiency and quality. 

Contract Manufacturing

Data Metalcraft is your one-stop partner for precision sheet metal contract manufacturing. Our world-class quality and service allow us to be a trusted partner of OEMs across the nation.

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