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Industrial Tractor

Agriculture & Machinery

Your complex products do not need a complex supply chain.

Advanced equipment, simplified

Data Metalcraft is headquartered in the heart of an agricultural community. We understand the industry and the complexity of the equipment. Our expertise in designing production solutions for our customers makes us a top choice your agriculture and heavy duty machinery needs.

We specialize in engineering know-how. Data Metalcraft takes blueprints and designs optimized procedures making use of advanced automation and strict quality controls. This is how we are able to guarantee quality, consistency, and efficiency to our customers.

Our suite of capabilities including precision fabrication, advanced weldments, tubing, and framing make Data Metalcraft a full-service partner for your machinery parts. We utilize best in class equipment that can handle large scale parts. Work with a partner that will deliver end-use ready parts built and assembled to your specification.

Planting & Seeding Equipment
Cutting & Shredding Parts
Recreational Vehicle Doors & Frames
Spraying Equipment
Industrial Lift Components
Heavy Grade Components
Frame Weldments
Machinery Side Panels
Combine Harvester on Field

Enhanced by

Complex Weldments

We are an industry leader in welding due to our suite of weldment solutions and eye for engineering. Parts that are difficult to hand weld get programmed on robotic welders. Assemblies with lots of weld time get laser welded to increase speed. 

Tubing & Framing

Our combination of fabrication, powder coating, and tubing is rare in the industry. Cut down your costs by partnering with a supplier that can precision cut and form your tubes and frames in-house. We blend our offerings together to ship you finished product. 

Crane Lift
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