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Packaged product being moved in a factory

Turn Key Product

Receive your product - finished and packaged. Manufactured in totality in our factory.

Outsource your assembly & packaging

Why assemble in house? Receive finished goods instead.

With Data Metalcraft, you have a partner to bring your product to life. We manufacture from conception to finished product. Our suite of in-house services allows for optimized production through reduced risk of multiple vendors. 

We develop custom assembly and inventory zones for your product. Our factory becomes an extension of your operation, optimized to your forecast and production goals. 

With a trusted manufacturing partner

Robotic Welder welding aluminum frame

One-Stop Supplier

We do more than just assembly. We manufacture the components. Cut down lead times and sourcing troubles by partnering with a one-stop supplier. 

Optimized for  Scale

Increasing your product's volume is easiest with a one-stop manufacturing partner. We can dynamically scale production based on your forecast needs to allow your product to takeoff without limitations.

Cellular Assembly Lines

We build specialized assembly zones for your product. This means that our team is skilled in the specifics of your product and assembly processes are optimized for quality and efficiency. 

Strong Supplier Network

For products we do not manufacture in house, like plastics and complex electronics, we have a network of partners that supply these items - both custom and off the shelf - at reduced prices. 

Make to Schedule

Turn Key means plan it and leave it. You provide Data Metalcraft a forecast and you will receive product according to plan - no hands on management required. Take the work out of your supply chain.

Woman assembling a sheet metal cabinet enclosure

And program management controls

Inventory Control

With turn key programs, we order bill of material items according to your forecast. We partner with our customers to determine optimal supplier sourcing - using your negotiated pricing or ours. We stock items direct to our assembly lines and manage lead times and stock out concerns. 

Direct to Customer

We ship finished product direct to stock or direct to customer. We test finished goods and then package them to your spec. This means that the product that leaves our factory does not even need to be touched by your operation. We find unique success in this offering because of our focus on quality controls, ensuring your customers are shipped quality goods.

Stock bins for product assembly

Data Metalcraft manufacturers and assembles a complex piece of industrial equipment of ours that ships direct to stock without on-site inspection. We have not rejected one unit in over 10 years.

- Fortune 500 Industrial Product Provider 

Data Metalcraft Loading Docks
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