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Contract Manufacturing

Data Metalcraft is your one-stop partner for precision sheet metal contract manufacturing. Our world-class quality and service allow us to be a trusted partner of OEMs across the nation.

We are your manufacturing partner

Experience the benefits of a one-stop supply chain partner.

Our shared commitment to our customers’ success begins before the first parts are manufactured. We partner with our customers to locate cost-saving opportunities. Our engineers use design-for-manufacturing expertise to provide opportunities for cost reduction across sourcing, manufacturing, and assembly. 

Supported by leading-edge machinery and process automation, Data Metalcraft delivers on your high-volume needs and product scalability. Manufacturing optimization allows for high throughput at the lowest costs possible. Automation across the fabrication process from forming to weldments facilitate consistent in-spec and on-time production.

Our expansive capability set allows Data Metalcraft to simplify your supply chain.

Our account and quality teams ensure your needs are responsively met, providing the information you want and taking the work out of supply chain management. Experience our shared commitment to your success.

Success through capabilities & action

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Quality Dedication

We engineer quality into the manufacturing process. This allows us to produce quality parts at scale. We deploy quality checks throughout the process to ensure that defects are discovered prior to arriving at your door.

Manufacturing Expertise

We know manufacturing. Our engineering team reviews all prints and discusses areas of concern with you even before first article production. We have saved our customers millions by identifying potential issues before parts hit the floor. 

Our mission is to support you

Our mission is to improve your supply chain. We go out of our way to optimize production and improve our synergies. When your product sales grow, we grow with you - and that is why working with us is like having an extension of your team.

Reduced Risk & Cost

Being able to produce finished goods in-house without the need of outside service allows us to reduce costs and lead times. Additional markups are removed and transportation waste is eliminated. 

Make to Schedule

We schedule production and purchase raw materials according to your forecast. This allows us to manufacture goods and stock them, so we can meet your deliver dates with industry leading on-time rates. 


Product Partnership

When you work with Data Metalcraft, we partner for your success. From identifying improvement areas to cost-reductions to rev changes, we work with you every step of the way to ensure your products exceed your expectation.

Our customers stay with us for a reason.

Most of our customers have been with us for 15 or more years - throughout the outsourcing trend and the recent supply chain disruptions. It is our consistent delivery of quality and customer care that makes an impact.

We invest in your program's success

Dynamic Production

We produce to your forecast. We are able to dynamically scale production quickly to not limit your products' growth. We are able to do this by having data-driven control of our manufacturing schedule and equipment. Our factory is designed for adaptability. We use modular zones designed to house assembly, inventory or WIP depending on your schedule's needs. 

Specialized Zones

Our factory functions as an extension of your operation by developing specialized zones unique to your product assembly. With custom assembly lines, just in time inventory placement, and engineered fixtures, your part's production is optimized. We develop detailed work instructions to ensure quality is maintained across each step of production.

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