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Consumer Products

Whether a mature product or prototype, deliver on your product goals with design, manufacturing, and logistics partner you can trust.

Turn your product vision into reality

Data Metalcraft’s large volume manufacturing abilities deliver on your production needs. With state-of-the-art machinery, your product can be precision manufactured and assembled to specification. Lean engineering practices ensure your product gets to market with the speed and the cost-effectiveness required. Our automated machinery from cutting, to forming, to welding allows your product’s demand to scale with ease. Our specialized and responsive account teams ensure that your product production is adaptable to lifecycle changes and demand.

Data Metalcraft’s expertise in engineering helps support the prototyping phase. Our certified CAD personnel support your first article process and use design-for-manufacture engineering to improve production. Bring your products to the market with Data Metalcraft!

Hand Truck Carts 
Lighting Designs & Systems
Cosmetic Home Decor
Home Office Products
Kitchen & Home Appliances
Custom Labels & Paperwork
Direct-to-Customer Logistics
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Enhanced by

Precision Fabrication

We shape, cut, and assemble metal materials to create durable and aesthetically pleasing products to fit your product's needs. With a focus on quality and design, Data Metalcraft ensures the production of consumer products that are both functional and visually appealing.

Turn Key Solutions

Let our factory function as an extension of your operation. We do all manufacturing steps in-house from fabrication to paint to assembly to packaging. We can ship your products direct to stock or direct to your customers. Leave the program and inventory management to us.

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