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Tube & Frame

Precision laser cut tubing - formed and assembled to your specification with industry-leading equipment.

State-of-the-Art Machinery

Tube Laser

Precision cut tube to meet your parts specifics with machinery designed to save time and reduce the number of components. This supports tubular frames and metal structures that are more precise and faster to assemble.

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Tube Bender

Offering fixed radius tube bending with bending or stretching and variable radius. Manufacturing with speed thanks to quick change production from automatic set-up and the absence of manual adjustments.

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Meets a Suite of Capabilities

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Robotic Welding

With robotic welding, your complex weldments become automated. Our engineering focus allows for optimized use of robotics to put complex welds in the hands of the robots - increasing quality and efficency.

Laser Welding

Data Metalcraft has invested in laser welding - the groundbreaking new handheld welding technology. Laser welding can reduce weld times by 50% and produces welds of higher quality and better aesthetics. 

Welding Cells

Our factory floor has 10 next-generation welding cells with modular sizing to adapt from small weldments to large machinery frames. Our cells include state of the air debre removal, safety protections, and weld tables for the best quality parts.

Manufacturing Engineering

Our engineering team designs solutions to improve your production. Whether it be slot and tab approach or fixture design, we design solutions to optimize production and quality.

Precision Fabrication

From laser cutting to assembly, Data Metalcraft uses the best in class machinery and process design to manage all sheet metal fabrication needs.

Dried Spray Paint

Powder Coating

Receive parts that are finished to your specification with in-house powder coating abilities. Our brand new equipment offers leading coat quality and process efficiency. 

To Create Finished Product

Complex Frames

Need frames for your large scale equipment or machinery? Data Metalcraft's tube capabilities paired with an expertise in weldments makes us a trusted partner for your complex frames. 

Manufactured Assemblies

Precision fabrication paired with tube capabilities allow for in-house manufacturing of any metal product assemblies. With all manufacturing done in house, save money on the cost of multiple vendors by partnering with Data Metalcraft. 

Finished Product

From conception to finished product, Data Metalcraft has the ability to ship you product ready for the customer. Powder coating and assembly processes take manufactured components and make them field-ready.

Tube Components

Need components for your product or assembly? Our automated machinery makes Data Metalcraft a leading vendor of precision cut and formed tube components for both small batch and high volume programs. 

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