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Precision Components

Supplement your product or assembly process with best in class fabricated metals, complex weldments, or tubing components delivered on time with industry leading quality.

Your part, expertly manufactured

Quality parts paired with quality service.

At our core, we manufacture quality parts. We started as a sheet metal job shop over 40 years ago and have evolved into a precision parts powerhouse. You supply us prints, and we can expertly manufacture your parts to meet your needs. 

Our precision parts offering gets access to the services of large turn key programs. We have our team of manufacturing engineers review your part prints to ensure optimal production. We use our network of supplier parters to get low prices on raw materials to reduce cost. With fabrication, complex welding, tubing, powder coating, and assembly in-house, you get the best cost and lead time reduction. All supported by expert account teams that know your industry and parts in and out - driven to support your business. 

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Using our suite of in-house capabilities

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Sheet Metal Fabrication

We are a sheet metal fabricator at our core. We have top-of-the-line machinery for each possible use case to deliver you precision manufactured sheet metal products.  

Advanced Welding

Our welding capabilities are next generation - literally. We have recently invested in an overhaul of our welding work center with state of the art welding booths and revolutionary laser welding technology. 

Robotics Automation

For complex parts you have had quality issues with, leave it in the hands of the robots. Robotics automation is programmed in-house to ensure quality welds and precision cuts run after run. 

Powder Coating

Finish your part with our in-house powder coating capabilities. Our brand new powder coating line uses all new machinery which improves part quality while reducing waste and improving efficiencies. 

Product Assembly

We take finished components and assemble them together to ship you finished assemblies. We have industrial lifters and specialty equipment to find success in even the most complex product assemblies. 

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Tubing & Framing

Our tube laser and tube bending machinery advances the types of precision parts we can create. When paired with our welding and fabrication capabilities, there is no tube or frame project that Data Metalcraft can't do. 

And core product expertise

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Cabinets & Enclosures

We combine our fabrication and mechanical assembly expertise to create quality custom cabinets and enclosures to your specification. Our manufacturing floor and powder coat line is designed to handle large volume and large size cabinet programs with ease. 

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Electro-Mechanical Assemblies

We bring finished product to life using engineered assembly processes and expert assemblers. Assemblies are supported by our vast manufacturing capabilities to create one-stop, in-house solutions to all of your product needs. 

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Complex Weldments

With 10 manual welding cells, revolutionary laser welding technology, and robotic welding, Data Metalcraft excels in parts and frames that require complex welds. We engineer custom fixtures to ensure quality product and efficiency run after run.

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Precision Components

When it comes to fabricated sheet metal, laser cut tube, or powder coating, Data Metalcraft is a best-in-class supplier delivering quality product on time and in specification. 

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