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Dried Spray Paint

Powder Coating

NEW IN 2023! Data Metalcraft has invested in powder coating featuring all new machinery in a custom designed factory. 

For aesthetics and efficiencies

Cut costs with powder
coating & manufacturing all under one roof.

Powder coat finishes offer exceptional resistance to scratches, corrosion, abrasion, chemicals, and detergents, making them the ultimate choice for durable and long-lasting protection. Not only do they provide superior performance, but they also offer cost-saving benefits, increased efficiency, and compliance with environmental regulations.

One of the key advantages of powder coating is its environmentally friendly nature. Since powder coating materials contain no solvents, the process emits minimal, if any, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere. Unlike liquid finishing operations, it doesn't require venting, filtering, or solvent recovery systems. This means that exhaust air from the powder booth can be safely returned to the coating room, and less oven air is exhausted outside. By opting for powder coating, you not only choose a safe and clean finishing alternative but also contribute to significant energy savings and cost reduction.

5' x 7' x 16'

Our powder coat operation supports industry leading part sizes - over 100% larger part volumes than the industry standard. With Data Metalcraft, even your largest assemblies can be precision coated. 

Next-Gen Ovens

Our oven equipment is brand new which improves our efficiency, reduces environmental strain, and improves work conditions with fast speeds, reduced gas usage, and proper heat control. 

Conveyer Efficiency

Your parts will be masked and painted on a hanging conveyer system designed with modular size and efficiency in mind. 

With brand-new environmental control

Next Generation Equipment

Our powder coat line features all new equipment. This equipment does not just make better powdered coated parts, but it has the newest generation of environmental control features. This makes Data Metalcraft's paint line one of the safest and cleanest in the industry.

State-of-the-Art Environmental Room

Overspray powder is reclaimed and returned through environmental control systems, allowing it to be recirculated for future use. As a result, waste generation is minimal, and any waste that does occur can be easily, cost-effectively, and environmentally disposed of.

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