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Pharmacy Counter

Medical Equipment

Manufacture your medical equipment with quality at the heart of the operation.

Devices that require quality

Your medical devices demand the same quality and attention in their manufacturing and assembly as in their use to transform lives. Skilled craftsmen ensure specifications and regulations are met with industry leading precision, and specialized assemblers manage your complex mechanical and electro-mechanical procedures. With deep experience as a medical manufacturer, you can have faith in your product on the field.

Our team understands the required controls for the industry. We are a trusted partner to medical product manufacturers. Our localized approach and personalized care ensure your product has the supply chain visibility and lifecycle management required by the industry. With specialized equipment, manufacturing facilities and assembly zones, your product’s manufacturing will have the customization your parts require. 

Drug Delivery Cabinets
Medicine Distribution Systems
Critical Care Monitoring Systems
AED Wall Boxes
Respiratory Support Equipment
First Aid Equipment
Portable & Stationary Kiosks
Medical & Pharmaceutical Carts
Sheet Metal Cutting Turret

Enhanced by

Precision Components

We deploy highly accurate production methods utilizing advanced techniques such as laser cutting and robotics automation. This process ensures the precise fabrication of parts with tight tolerances, enabling the creation of safe, reliable, and high-performance medical devices.

Quality Engineering

Quality is our focus in everything we do. We do not just administer quality checks. We engineer quality into our manufacturing processes by ensuring quality in design, work instructions, and work inspections. Our detailed approach to work instructions surpassed industry requirements to build quality product ready to impact lives. 

Quality Control Center
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