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Precision Fabrication

Data Metalcraft has been a leading provider of precision fabricated products for almost 50 years. See why we are good at what we do. 

Flat: Starting with a sheet

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Vast Material Competency

Data Metalcraft specializes in aluminum, stainless steel, and coated steel material types, but we also work with more specialized material like copper, titanium, and more. We typically work with tolerances from +/- 0.005 to +/- 0.04 and gauges from 0.01 to 0.5. Specialized material handling operations allow us to ensure your industry’s requirements are met.


State-of-the-art sheet metal lasers begin the part creation process. With a suite of lasers running on multiple shifts, our sheet metal capacity is able to support large scale production runs. 


Turret CNC punch machines supplement the sheet metal cutting process and support unique part features with a vast set of speciality tooling. 


Data Metalcraft employs automated precision laser sheet metal cutting equipment designed for optimization and accuracy. Lean design and programming allows us to optimize sheet utilization and reduce overall manufacturing costs from the start. 

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Form: Add dimension

Press Brake

Our highly skilled team of press brake craftsmen precision form using an extensive set of advanced machinery. With quality as a key value, we implement quality inspection at the core of the process to ensure each form is precision-made to your specifications.


With robotic welding, your complex weldments become automated. Our engineering focus allows for optimized use of robotics to put complex welds in the hands of the robots - increasing quality and efficiency. Additional robotics equipment supplement our craftsmen across various work centers.

Welding Cells

Our factory floor has 10 next-generation welding cells with modular sizing to adapt from small weldments to large machinery frames. Our cells include state of the art air debre removal, safety protections, and weld tables for the best quality products.


Our vast hardware department ensures that your parts or enclosures are fabricated and assembled to precision. By investing in new machinery, autoload automation and part handling equipment ensures ample capacity and increased efficiency for your projects.

Laser Welding

Data Metalcraft has invested in laser welding - the groundbreaking new handheld welding technology. Laser welding can reduce weld times by 50% and produces welds of higher quality and better aesthetics. 


From grinding to water clean to beed blasting, we ensure your parts look good after manufacturing. We take the highest pride in our part quality - not just in our adherence to specs - but also in the appearance of your parts. 

Function: Assembled & finished

Cellular Assembly

We use cellular assembly lines for the mechanical assembly of goods. Whether multiple fabricated parts are being mechanically assembled or electrical components are being added, Data Metalcraft has the assembly ability for your needs. 

Paint & Plate

With in-house powder coating and a network of plating partners, your parts will be finished to specification and double checked for quality. 

Testing & Inspection

We inspect each our orders before shipping to ensure your product exceeds expectations. Quality inspectors are stationed at our shipping door to ensure your order arrives as promised. For our assembled products, we test your product for function before packaging to ensure quality in performance. 

Custom Packaging

We ship in bulk, in custom housings, and in custom packaging. For component orders, we use bulk packaging to deliver you large quantities cost-effectively. For aesthetic parts, we develop custom shipping housings, so your parts arrive ding free. And for turn key products, we create custom packaging and foam protection with your name and logo.

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