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Complex Weldments

Data Metalcraft has industry leading welding capabilities which allow for success in detailed weld designs and mass production welded products.

Industry leading weld capabilities

Weld Cells

Our factory floor has 10 next-generation welding cells with modular sizing to adapt from small weldments to large machinery frames. Our cells include state of the air debre removal, safety protections, and weld tables for the best quality parts.

Robotic Welding

With robotic welding, your complex weldments become automated. Our engineering focus allows for optimized use of robotics to put complex welds in the hands of the robots - increasing quality and efficency.

Laser Welding

Laser welding is groundbreaking new technology in the manufacturing industry. Handheld laser welding can reduce weld times significantly and produces welds of higher quality and better aesthetics. 

Engineering Expertise

We design and manufacture custom tooling to support your project. Our tooling ensures quality welds and efficient production across our manual weld parts and robotic welding.

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What is laser welding? 

Reduce cost & lead times with laser welding.

Data Metalcraft has invested heavily in the latest technology breakthrough in the manufacturing industry - handheld laser welding. 

Laser welding is a high-precision welding technique that utilizes a focused laser beam to create a strong and precise bond between metal components. The intense heat generated by the laser melts and fuses the materials together, resulting in a durable and virtually seamless weld joint with minimal distortion or damage to the surrounding area.

Laser welding is a non-contact process, meaning that the laser beam does not physically touch the workpiece, reducing the risk of contamination or distortion. Additionally, laser welding offers precise control over the heat input, resulting in minimal thermal distortion and a smaller heat-affected zone compared to traditional welding methods. The high energy density of the laser beam enables fast and deep weld penetration, allowing for high welding speeds. 


Compared to TIG welding which delivers cost savings to your parts.

No Grinding

Laser weld grind precision reduces the need for post-weld cleanup activities like grinding - saving cost and time.

Automatic Cleaning

Laser Weld technology includes post-weld cleanup lasers for a quick and easy aesthetic looking weld.

Engineered Safety Facilities

Our welding cells are designed for laser to ensure safety and speed in production.

To Create Finished Product

Complex Frames

Need frames for your large scale equipment or machinery? Data Metalcraft's tube capabilities paired with an expertise in weldments makes us a trusted partner for your complex frames. 

Manufactured Assemblies

Precision fabrication paired with advanced welding allow for in-house manufacturing of various products. With all manufacturing done in house, save money on the cost of multiple vendors by partnering with Data Metalcraft. 

Finished Product

From conception to finished product, Data Metalcraft has the ability to ship you product ready for the customer. Powder coating and assembly processes take welded components and make them field-ready.

Welded Components

Need components for your product or assembly? Our automated machinery and advanced welding makes Data Metalcraft a leading vendor of complex weldments for both small batch and high volume programs. 

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