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Cabinets & Enclosures

Mass production of high quality enclosures is our speciality. We manufacture cabinets designed to house your product and withstand the elements from indoor to outdoor use. 

Protect your product with quality

Leaders in large scale production and assembly.

Data Metalcraft is a leader in cabinet & enclosure products. We manufacture to your specification and collaborate with you on areas of improvement to get the most of your design and optimize production. 

We complete each step of the manufacturing process in-house to save you time and money. From sheet metal fabrication to powder coating to assembly, Data Metalcraft does it all. We simplify your supply chain by taking the headaches of multiple vendors and offering one-stop solution for your program.

Many products leave our factory and ship direct-to-site for deployment. Our emphasis on quality allows you to cut out middle processing steps that add time and money. Products we manufacture are in use all across the globe from outdoor enclosures installed in the Arctic Circle to indoor sever enclosures used at home in Minneapolis. 

Serving a variety of use cases


5G, fiber, and copper equipment requires quality housings to protect it from the harsh environments. We manufacture components and assemble the electronics for telecommunications equipment that ships all over the globe.

Battery Boxes

Protect your batteries with the help of enclosure experts that have been designing solutions for 40+ years. From design to manufacturing to shipping, batteries require special attention that Data Metalcraft is known for. 

Electronics Equipment

From robotics to servers to cooling devices - all electronics require protection from the elements. Partner with Data Metalcraft to manufacture and assemble your products into finished goods ready for use.

And Many More...

Our cabinets & enclosures have been used across industries from classroom equipment to retail displays. We understand how to optimize the production of these products to deliver you the best quality enclosure with cost in mind.

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For any envirnment

Outdoor Enclosures

Outdoor enclosures require protection from the elements - heat, cold, rain, and even natural disasters. Data Metalcraft has experience optimizing design and production of outdoor enclosures with laser welded seams, custom gasket assembly, strong door fixtures, and more. 

Indoor Enclosures

Indoor enclosures offer more ways to reduce cost and increase production because of less focus on environmental issues. This opens the door to utilize pop riveted designs, lighter door fixtures, and more ways to save you money. 

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Engineering Expertise

The engineering prowess to scale your production to the next level.

Precision Fabrication

All your fabrication needs done in-house and optimized. 

Powder Coating

Our paint capabilities are designed to handle large part sizes, so no enclosure is too large. 

Product Assembly

Receive your enclosure as a finished product, fully assembled and packaged to your spec.

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