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Product Assembly

We turn components into finished product. 

Metal products & beyond

Mechanical Assembly

Assembly of fabricated components and weldments into complete mechanical assemblies using best in class assembly techniques and equipment like lifters, fixtures, and cellular assembly lines. 


In-house cable harness capabilities and wiring assembly to bring power to your products. We source wire components and assembly on site with specialized electrical technicians and craftsmen.

Electronic Assembly

Connecting electronic components together to create working product. Sourced electronics - like AC units, batteries, and rectifiers - get assembled and tested to create finished product ready for customer use. 

High Voltage Testing

We ensure that our product is manufactured to spec and working as intended with in-house mechanical inspection and electronic testing. This ensures product is complete and functional before packaging the product for end us. 

Customized assembly lines and inventory zones make our factory an extension of your operation.

We develop custom zones for your product assembly. This allows us to optimize the assembly process with just-in-time inventory and reduction in waste. These zones are paired with engineered quality work instructions to ensure product is made to spec.

Custom zones allow for your product to scale without restriction. The advantage of a one-stop operation is that you do not need to align various vendors on schedule changes. Data Metalcraft uses dynamic production to manufacture parts according to your forecast, so you have product when you need it. 

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From in-house & partner network


Our manufactured metals, tubes, and components support our assembly process with just-in-time lean manufacturing and specialized inventory stocking

Our Suppliers

We have a network of partners to source the items required by your Bill of Materials. Whether it is electronic switches, mechanical latches, or complex electronics , Data Metalcraft has low cost sourcing options to support your product assembly. 

Your Suppliers

Your suppliers become our suppliers. When you outsource your assembly to Data Metalcraft, we will keep inventory of your goods and your dictated suppliers' goods to complete the product assembly process. 

Assembled into finished goods

Electronic Cabinets & Enclosures

We combine metal fabricated enclosures with electronic component assembly for multi-use cabinets that ship direct-to-site.

  • Fiber & Copper Telecommunications Cabinets

  • Telephone Pole Mount Enclosures

  • Alarmed AED Wall Cabinet

Battery Boxes

Metal fabricated enclosures get precision welded to ensure air-tight durable to house batteries for essential products.

  • Green Battery Capture Enclosures

  • Telecommunications Battery Boxes

  • Server Housing Equipment

Industrial Carts

High grade metals are precision manufactured and combined with cut tubing. These complex weldments are mechanically assembled to create packaged product that ships direct-to-stock.

  • Industrial Server Lifters

  • Manual Conveyer Carts

  • Direct to Consumer Hand Truck Dollys

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And Many More...

These products just scratch the surface of the items Data Metalcraft brings to life. We also assemble:

  • Agricultural harvesting equipment

  • Specialty sports vehicle parts

  • Chemical mixer equipment

  • Industrial machine frames and panels

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