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Electric Car Charger

Energy & Utilities

Innovative solutions require established manufacturing expertise.

The smart energy future is here

The future of energy capture and storage is being built at Data Metalcraft. We have a deep history of building American energy equipment, and we are evolving with our customers into the sustainable future. Whether electricity, solar, wind, or other green power storage, Data Metalcraft’s enclosure expertise will lead to manufacturing optimization to help support your scale.

Data Metalcraft supports energy solutions with large rack weldments, tubing and framing weldments, power converter components, smart grid solution enclosures, transformer solutions, and control housings. With experts in design and manufacturing solutions for the energy industry, Data Metalcraft is proud to be a trusted partner for your next energy project.

Energy Storage Enclosures
HVAC Enclosures
Vehicle Charging Stations
Industrial Solar Solutions
Power Converter Components
Equipment Racking & Framing
Battery Box Enclosures
Control Box Enclosures
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Cabinets & Enclosures

Batteries require proper housing. Our expertise in enclosure production, environmental protection, and heat dissipation will ensure your batteries will withstand the elements while on the field.  

Contract Manufacturing

Mass produce energy solutions to meet your market need by partnering with Data Metalcraft. We are a partner for scale that dynamically and modularly adapts to your volume increases. 

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