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Manufacturing Assembly


We are known for finding success with complicated programs and that is driven by our advanced engineering team.  

Design-for-Manufacturing Engineering

First Articles

We support our customers through the prototyping and first article phase product manufacturing. We complete small volume production runs to trial designs and manufacturing approaches to ensure quality and accuracy for large scale production.

Cost Reduction Opportunities

Our team of design engineers is able to pinpoint opportunities to optimize production. We locate small design changes that can result in big cost reductions. Then, we present opportunities to our customers with pros and cons of the changes. Our eye for cost reduction has saved customers millions over the lifetime of single parts. 

Design Support

We double check each file and print that crosses the engineering desk. Our team has been able to locate design errors or rev issues before they hit the production floor. Our fixation on precision has saved our customers time and money by resolving issues before production begins.

Product Expertise

We know metal products. We know what works and what doesn't based on 50 years of experience. With this knowledge, we help our customers solve their product design qualms like moving from a pop-rivet design to a welded design or how to make a product packaging friendly. We solve these in partnership to support our customers. 

Quality Control Center

Industrial Engineering

First Articles

Small batch first article runs are completed for products to ensure quality and optimized production. During first run, areas of improvement are noted to ensure no rejects or production slow downs. 

Custom Fixtures

Custom fixtures are applied throughout the manufacturing process to support optimized production and reduce defect potential. 


Poka-Yoke means error proofing. It is a tenant of lean manufacturing and a staple at Data Metalcraft. We locate potential issues before they are witnessed and design solutions to ensure quality product leaves our factory. 

Quality Engineering

Work Instructions

Custom work instructions are developed for each assembly including step-by-step instructions, part photos, and digital mock ups. These work instructions ensure that parts are manufactured consistently and efficiently no matter the operator. 

Robotic Welding fixtures
Caliper measuring sheet metal part

Quality Controls

Quality checks are administered after each step in the manufacturing process. Part characteristics are compared to your specifications to ensure our output is within tolerances and finish spec. 

Inspection Team using Caliper
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