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Leave quality issues and extended timelines in the past by partnering with local supply chains and American manufacturing.

Build with confidence

As a popular architectural choice due to its strength and environmental resistance, sheet metal has been essential for new-age construction. Whether for decorative or functional construction elements, Data Metalcraft’s sheet metal capabilities can support your construction project.


Data Metalcraft uses advanced machinery to support the cutting and forming of large aluminum or stainless-steel sheets. Our automated, precision equipment can ensure a delivered product matching your schematics and timeline. Data Metalcraft’s shared commitment to your project’s success ensures cost conscious and on time delivery allowing you to focus on the construction and not on the materials.

Sheet Metal Paneling
Storm Water Management
Roofing Equipment
Custom Design Details
Framing Weldments
Heating & Cooling Equipment
Drain & Vent Products
Custom Tooling & Fixtures
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Enhanced by

Precision Fabrication

Fabricated products supplement your construction project. Get them from a provider that values quality and on-time commitments to ensure that your project stays on track. 

Tubing & Framing

Whether complex frames or precision tubing, Data Metalcraft has the equipment and expertise to deliver on your project's needs. 

Construction Site
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