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American flag, Minnesota flag, vetrans flag, and more flying in Arlington, Minnesota

Mission & Vision

Since 1977, Data Metalcraft has been focused on promoting American manufacturing. With the recent events in supply chains, we have doubled down and expanded our operation to meet our mission and fulfill our vision. 

Driven to advance manufacturing

We are a values-driven organization. Our values originate from our small business and family-owned roots. Our guiding principles act as a framework for decision-making and guide how we serve others. Our customers, our people, and our communities have always been the center of our focus from founding to present. Throughout the turbulent changes to the American manufacturing industry over the decades, our customers and our people have allowed Data Metalcraft to continuously fulfill its mission.


To substantially improve our customers’ supply chains by providing exceptional quality in products, service, and manufacturing solutions


Elevate the American manufacturing industry to global prominence

Our guiding values

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