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Quality control Center

Engineered Quality

Quality control is at the center of our operation... literally. The Quality control offices are in the middle of the manufacturing floor which represents how we implement quality in our processes.  

Quality product is our focus

Receiving defective product seriously messes up your operation. Did you know there's another option? 

Quality assurance is the heartbeat of business at Data Metalcraft. We do this by inserting quality assurance controls into every process and every work center.

Our quality control center stands two levels high in the center of our manufacturing floor, with direct access to each work center. This facilitates efficient and accurate quality controls.

In compliance with ISO 9001:2015, our quality engineers design manufacturing processes with quality control checks at the beginning, middle, and conclusion of production. We make use of visual work procedures and step-by-step guides to ensure our craftsmen deliver to your specifications.

Quality at every step of production

Before Production

Our engineers review all files and drawings to ensure that their are no potential areas of concern and discuss questions with you to validate your specifications and tolerances.

During Production

Quality checks are done at the beginning of each work center to validate conformity. All areas of the part are validated for correctness, so defects are removed or resolved during manufacturing.

Post Production

Finished parts are inspected during packaging to ensure the parts you receive are in line with your specifications.

Investing in quality processes

Continuous Improvement

Our continuous improvement program ensures the strongest quality controls and process efficiency for high volume production projects. We use production data to identify concern areas and correct for future production. Our continuous improvement program is based on the tenants of lean manufacturing from certified engineers.

Skilled Craftsmen

We invest in our craftsmen to ensure they are trained to deliver on our customer commitments. With advanced training and certification programs available to all craftsmen, our shop floor personnel deliver Made in America quality.

Our quality feedback? Superb.

We are known in the industry for finding success in difficult programs. Many of largest running parts originated from failures of local or overseas manufactures to deliver on quality. We deliver, sustain, and improve for our customers. 

Quality inspectors using caliper
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