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Communication Tower


Expand your infrastructure with quality you can trust and the adaptability necessary for the ever-evolving industry.

Confidently Expand your Infrastructure

Data Metalcraft has been helping telecommunications companies grow their network and innovate their infrastructure for 40+ years. As a trusted partner to industry leaders and innovators, Data Metalcraft has evolved our expertise with the industry from copper cabling to fiber connectivity to the IoT and 5G connected world.


Our manufactured and electro-mechanical assembled products have provided connectivity to regions from the Arctic of North America to the Southern Hemisphere. Whether your products are used indoors in climate-controlled environments or in harsh outdoor conditions, we manufacture quality goods that will have your products lasting decades. 

Telecommunications Cabinets
Network Control Boxes
Fiber & Cable Equipment
Data Center Racking & Equipment
Server Enclosures
Battery Box Enclosures
Telephone Pole Mounts
Vent Equipment

Enhanced by

Cabinets & Enclosures

Level up your telecommunications cabinets and server enclosures by partnering with the industry leader in mass production, precision enclosures. Give your customers top of the line quality at a high-volume price. 

Turn Key Product

Receive your telecommunications or server equipment ready for deployment or have Data Metalcraft ship it direct to installation site. 

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