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Data Metalcraft has Expanded and Relocated Our Headquarters to Arlington, Minnesota!

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Our new headquarters expands our manufacturing floor space to almost 180,000 square feet – more than twice the area of a Manhattan city block. Located in Arlington, Minnesota, just south-west of the Twin Cities, Data Metalcraft has expanded its footprint and hired additional industry experts and certified craftsmen to support your next project.

We have expanded and strengthened our capabilities with our additional space through investments in the newest machinery:

Industry leading tube laser and bending machinery

Automated sheet metal forming and expanded press brake department

Best-in-class weldments technology with 10 weld stations, robotic welding, and groundbreaking laser welding

The capacity to support your scale with new sheet metal flat automated punch and press machines

Expanded assembly zones to support cellular electro-mechanical or mechanical assembly, packing, and shipping

Supporting our expanded capabilities is a new suite of manufacturing technology. We use advanced optimization software to ensure cost and production efficiency. Specialized engineers and 3D CAD software help identify cost saving and part quality improvement areas.

Contact us today to quote your project!


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